About Us

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Mission Statement

Home-Start Wirral believes that every parent should have the support they need in order to give their children the best possible start in life.

We aim to work in partnership with parents by supporting and encouraging them through the difficulties of family life.

What Home-Start Wirral offers

  • A volunteer with parenting experience to visit parents with young children at home. The volunteer offers tailor-made one-to-one support, regularly – usually on a weekly basis.
  • Emotional support to help parents find ways to manage and resolve problems.
  • Direct support for children including playing, listening, having fun, establishing routines, encouraging development and providing opportunities for outings and treats.
  • Practical help with getting to appointments, doing the shopping, budgeting, nutrition and meal planning, cooking and making the home safe.
  • Breastfeeding Peer Support
  • Information and links to other organisations including health and educational services.

The Home-Start approach

The support offered to families is free and confidential. Being a parent, wherever you live or whatever the situation, is not easy. Many parents feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the stresses of family life. It is even more difficult if family and friends are unable to offer support and a breathing space when you most need them. Some parents lose confidence in their ability to cope and most can remember days when they would really have liked someone to turn to for reassurance. Everybody needs a hand sometimes and Home-Start can be a lifeline to parents just when it is needed most.