Critical changes to our Family Support service – Volunteers

Posted on March 4, 2015 - News

Dear volunteers,

It is with regret that I have to inform you that we have just been notified by the Local Authority that the funding they have been providing for us to provide Family Support since 2009 is being stopped. We have also been told by Wirral CCG, who have provided funding for the Sunrise Mental Health Project for the past 12 months, that their funding is also coming to an end.

This does not mean that Home-Start Wirral is facing closure because we still have other sources of funding for all the activities at the Hub, the Breastfeeding Peer Support Service, the Bump-Start Project, and the Early Learning School Project. We also have a new Home Play Project starting on 1st April.

It does, however, mean that we will have no funding for our core family support work or for the Sunrise Project. We do have some funding applications submitted to other sources and I will be applying for other funding but this will not be in place for us to continue support the families that are funded by the L.A or CCG projects.

As you can imagine staff and Trustees are very upset by this news because it does mean that we will have to end support for families that still need it. It also means that we are having to make a number of staff redundant.

If you are a family support volunteer your co-ordinator will be in touch with you asap, but please appreciate that they have a lot of families, volunteers and referrers to make contact with over the next couple of weeks so please don’t worry if they don’t contact you immediately.

The first course of action is for co-ordinators to visit their families and explain what is happening and do the final paperwork with the family. If the family still needs support once we finish we will ask their consent to refer into the Local Authority Family Support Team. We will also be notifying the family Health Visitor so if the family do not want Local Authority support then at least the Health Visitor can monitor things.

Co-ordinators will come out to do one final supervision with all their Family Support Volunteers before they are made redundant.

If you are supporting a family that does need support to continue you will be able to continue to visit until the end of May and you will continue to get support and supervision but this could be by myself or another member of staff.

I know this news will be upsetting for many of you but unfortunately we, like many other voluntary organisations at the moment, are facing difficult times. We have been through such times before and come through it and I believe we will again, and would urge you to continue to support us in any way you can.

All volunteers , not just Family Support volunteers, are invited to come along to hear a bit more about our future plans and to find out how you can help lobby support for Home-Start Wirral, and support any fundraising initiatives. Also, to just come along and support each other.

If you can’t make any of the dates/times below but would still like to contact us with any concerns or ideas please do call or email me at the office.

Can you please contact the office on 0151 647 8369 to let us know what meeting you are able to attend by Monday 9 March. Thank you.

Thursday 12th March 6:00p.m – 7:00p.m The Hub, Woodchurch Lane
Tuesday 17th March 1.30p.m – 2.30p.m Training Room, Market Street
Thursday 19th March 10:00a.m – 11:00a.m Training Room, Market Street

Yours sincerely

Bev Morgan