“1 in 3 mothers who breastfeed don’t get to six weeks , almost all wanted to continue.”

Extract from the Infant Feeding Survey 2005.

Are you pregnant?



Thinking about breastfeeding?  Want more information about choosing to feed your baby?  Want to discuss your past experiences, expectations or worries about breastfeeding?

The only criteria for our services is that you live on the Wirral.

Are you worried about your privacy being protected? 
We strictly follow Wirral Community NHS guidelines on protecting privacy and keeping your information private. Please click here to view an ‘easy read’ version on ‘keeping your information safe’, or here for a more detailed information leaflet.

When the baby arrives…

We offer support in the very early days.  Our support is offered by a friendly mum who has experience, training, and time to spend with you ‘getting started’, after you and baby go home.  We are here to go through anything you aren’t sure about, and offer you ongoing breastfeeding support.  Support is offered when and where YOU need it, for as long as you want to breastfeed.

Some women can struggle getting started, but with a little support and access to up to date information, mums who choose to breastfeed can do so for as long as they wish.

Breastfeeding support at home…

Our support service is provided when you go home, helping to establish breastfeeding. Support is available either over the phone, through home visits or at our friendly, volunteer-led Breastfeeding Groups.

Our service is just a phone call away ~ for ‘getting started’ and support with other things around breastfeeding.  Support and information from bump to breastfeeding, right through to weaning and introducing complimentary foods, we are here. For however long you choose to breastfeed, we are here to support you in your choice.

If you prefer, why not just pop into one of our ‘Time For You’ drop in sessions! An informal opportunity to get all the information, support and advice you want. Click here to find a venue, day and time that suits you, there are six to choose from.

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