How we can help….

supportforfamiliesHaving a young family can be a real challenge.  Here at Home-start we have a friendly, caring team who are ready to help out at this difficult time.

How can Home-Start help?

  • Friendly support through difficult times for as long as is helpful or needed
  • Flexibility – you decide with your volunteer when visits will happen and how you spend the time
  • Understanding – Home-Start volunteers are parents too! Some may have been supported by Home-Start themselves, or wish they could have been.
  • Reassurance – all parents sometimes feel overwhelmed, you are not alone
  • A listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, if needed!
  • An extra pair of hands – coping with more than one child may make getting out and about tricky, a Home-Start volunteer could provide the help and support you need
  • Confidentiality – information about you and your family is never disclosed to anyone outside of Home-Start (except where a child may be at risk)
  • Choice – families choose whether or not to accept Home-Start support. A volunteer will only visit at the invitation of the family.

Who can Home-Start help?

In short, any family who is experiencing difficulties, can ask Home-Start for help.

  • Lonely or isolated parents
  • Families with twins or several pre-school children
  • Families where there is ill health
  • Families where there is disability / special needs
  • Families who have suffered bereavement

  • Mums who have post-natal depression
  • Mums who need support with breastfeeding
  • Families who are new to the area
  • Families from all backgrounds
  • Lone parents

What happens next?

  1. Initially, a co-ordinator will come out to meet you, and answer any questions you may have over a cup of tea.
  2. They will then arrange to contact you after a few days to see how you feel about Home-Start support.
  3. If you decide to go ahead, they will come to see you again, to complete the paperwork necessary to process your referral.
  4. After a few visits, you will be introduced to a volunteer, and, if you hit it off, begin to receive weekly visits.
  5. The co-ordinator will still keep in touch, and we will always be available if you need us.

Who will know that Home-Start is supporting me?

The only people who will know are you, staff at Home-Start, your volunteer and the person who referred you to us.  All information is treated in the strictest confidence except where a child is perceived to be at risk of harm.

How long is Home-Start needed?

Some families will need to be visited for only a few months, whilst others will need support for much longer.  As long as there is a need and at least one child under five we are happy to be involved.

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