Maximising Family Income Project



Lots of people are in debt or struggling to manage financially because they don’t receive all the money they are entitled to. There may be changes in family circumstances, such as redundancy, illness, additional caring responsibilities, the possibilities are endless. Whatever the reason, they all have the potential to have a major impact on the family and relationships.
Once in difficulties, it can be daunting to see a way out, and very easy to bury your head in the sand until you reach crisis point.
Home-Start Wirral are passionate about family values and offering support where needed. In these difficult times, many families struggle financially, and we at Home-Start Wirral realise it is hard to admit you need help, but early intervention is always important.

In recognising the difficulties families can face, Home-Start Wirral have teamed up with ‘The Henry Smith Charity’, and developed their Maximising Family Income Project’.

Our service is provided by Lauren, our Project Co-ordinator. While it is always difficult to admit you need help, Lauren will put you at your ease, and work with you to improve your situation.

Every family situation is different, so help is tailored to meet your needs. Looking at increasing your income by checking if you are paying too much tax, getting all the benefits you are entitled to, and offering help with form filling to access additional benefits if necessary. By looking at your expenditure, offering help with budgeting and giving advice on ways to obtain essential household items without resorting to loan sharks. There are many ways we can help, as well as assisting with access to support from other local agencies.

Access to our service is free, and can be by self or agency referral, so if you think we could help you, give Lauren a ring on 0151 608 8288 to find out more.