Movers ‘Stay & Play’



Babies learn rapidly from the moment of birth. Every mum and dad wants the best for their child and are the most important people in their child’s lives.

Crucial to their development in those early years, the listening, understanding, playing and love given by parents are very important in that process.

Giving confidence and motivation to explore the world around us becomes even more important for babies who were born prematurely or who have complex needs.

Our community support groups start with the ‘Baby Movers’. A group for non-mobile babies, where there has been a referral or invitation to attend. Support comes from an early years practitioner, community midwives, physiotherapists and other families that attend. Our fully equipped sensory room is used as part of a specially designed programme, to support and encourage the child through play.

When your baby becomes mobile, they can progress into the ‘Little Movers Stay & Play’ group. Here they will be encouraged to take advantage of a large soft play area and take part in other fun activities. All specifically designed to encourage development in those formative early years.

Both the groups promote parent participation, allowing the sharing of new experiences with your child and strengthening those bonds between you.

Access to the group is by referral only, please click here to view or print the referral form.

To read our leaflet please click here.

— Access to these groups is by referral only —
Referral forms are available from ‘The Hub’ or can be downloaded using the link above
Sessions are every Friday during term time and cost only £2
Baby Movers — 1.00pm to 3.00pm
Little Movers Stay & Play — 9.45am to 11.45am
For more information give Kate a ring on 0151 608 8288