Support A Family

Sponsor a Wirral family and make a difference.

For as little as £600 a year or £50 a month, you can sponsor our support of a struggling family by a trained volunteer. Our families are desperate to provide a stable, loving and nurturing home for their children, but are finding this an extreme challenge, often for reasons out of their control.

A bigger commitment will have a larger impact on the support we can offer.

Families are the lifeblood of our community, providing the pool of talent and ambition destined to propel the local businesses of today into the next decade and beyond. While there seems to be an increasing number of charities and good causes vying for ever diminishing levels of support and funding, there can be few that stand out more, than those striving to make a difference to the lives of children in their formative years.

The core activity of Home-Start Wirral is the support of families with a child under the age of five. This objective has not been arrived at by accident, the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important, providing the building blocks that shape a child’s future health, happiness, development and learning potential, within the family, at school and out into the wider community.

By getting involved and being linked to a local family we are supporting, your company’s regular donations can make a real difference to the community in which you operate. You will receive regular updates on progress and with your permission we will publicise your involvement in our initiative.

Home-Start Wirral would love to hear from you if you feel your business may be interesting in developing a partnership with us. Perhaps your help could make all the difference to a struggling family, allowing us to offer those arms of support we all need once in a while.

Click here for our application form or alternatively give the office a ring on 0151 608 8288 and we can arrange to meet with you to discuss your involvement.