Visual Stimulation



The ‘Visual Stimulation’ group is based at the Home-Start Hub and is run by the ‘Wirral School Readiness Team’ in partnership with the ‘Sensory Support Service’.

Parents of babies and young children with limited vision can find that this impacts on the natural development of their child. We all rely so much on our sight to absorb information about our surrounding, this process being even more important to young children in their formative years.

‘Visual Stimulation’ has the potential to provide additional help, making all the difference in a child developing and achieving their full potential in those early years.

By maximising the benefits of a childs available vision and using alternative strategies and techniques, ‘Visual Stimulation’ aims to help families understand how they can best help promote the use of vision.

By monitoring achievements and the reaching of important milestones, a childs progress is recorded.

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For more information please give one of us a ring:
Penny Bishop, Early Years Intervention Team Leader on 0151 631 3448
Vanessa Ikin, Assistant Head Sensory Support Team (Vision) on 0151 346 6654